Child Safety on School and Daycare Buses

When it comes to child safety, there’s nothing more important than your school or daycare buses. These vehicles are specially designed to keep children safe when they’re traveling to and from class, activities and field trips.

That’s why it’s crucial that parents take the time to teach their kids about bus safety. It’s also important to walk young kids Go here to the bus stop and make sure the driver can see them before boarding. Kids should always stand at least three giant steps back from the curb and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before crossing the road. It’s also important to teach kids to look left, right and then again before crossing the street.

Across the country, children and their families are struggling with poverty and isolation. They need access to education that will help them thrive, but it’s difficult to get there without a bus. That’s why programs like the Rosie Bus, developed by Berea College’s Partners for Education, are so important. The colorful minibuses crisscross rural Appalachian towns and villages, serving children who can’t afford the cost of private preschool or don’t meet the income requirements for Head Start.

The Rosie Bus team—Tennant Kirk, an early childhood project director, and Dreama Gentry, executive director of Partners for Education—understood that their program would need more than just a bus to succeed. They knew that they needed to address the broader challenges of poverty and isolation, as well.

By addressing those issues, they’ve helped many families enroll their children in preschool—and set them on the path to kindergarten readiness and academic success. But to continue making a difference, the program needs support from local community members.

One way that community members can help is by supporting the buses and their mission. They can do that by donating money and volunteering to help run the buses. In addition, they can help the bus drivers recruit more students and families to join their programs.

If you own a child care business, consider investing in your own bus or fleet of buses to provide before and after-school transportation to kids in need. Not only will this save you money on gas and reduce wear and tear on your own vehicles, but it will also boost your name recognition in your target communities and provide a big advantage over competitors that do not offer bus transport.

TESCO stocks a variety of multi-purpose school activity buses, or MFSABs, for sale. The smallest models have seating for nine child passengers and the largest ones mirror Type D school buses, with seats that can accommodate up to 70 passengers.

If you’re interested in buying a MFSAB for your child care business, talk to an experienced sales rep about your options. Whether you prefer bench seating or individual seat arrangements, there’s a MFSAB that will suit your needs. Ask your sales representative about child restraint systems and a variety of other safety features that can be incorporated into these small buses to ensure the safety of your passengers.