Axim Wealth is a wealth management firm

Axim Wealth is a wealth management firm with its headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. The company manages over $119 million in 429 accounts and serves clients across 4 states. They offer a variety of services including retirement planning, estate planning, tax and insurance advice. They have a team of advisors who are licensed to provide advice in their home state of Ohio. They may also be registered to provide advisory services in other states under an exemption from registration or notice filing.


Axim Bank is a regional bank that offers several different checking accounts and savings products. The bank also offers CDs and a secured loan product. Each account requires a $25 deposit to open and will charge a monthly service fee unless the minimum balance is maintained. Axiom Bank also offers an online high-yield savings account that pays 2.75% APY, but it has a minimum deposit of only $1 and doesn’t offer any monthly maintenance fees.


AXIM BANK is a local bank that operates in Arizona and has over 24 retail branches and 22 Walmart Supercenters in the state. Its customer service is available around the clock and its banking products are competitive with other banks.


Axi Multi-Level Free Forex Courses are held by the company’s in-house experts and experienced industry professionals from third-party organizations like WikiFX and TraderViet. These courses help new traders learn the basics of trading and provide them with a platform to practice their trading skills.


The Axim Multi-Level Forex Courses are conducted in English and Russian. They cover a range of topics and are tailored to fit the needs of both beginner and professional traders.

SVGFSA and ASIC Regulated Broker

The Forex market is one of the most lucrative financial markets in the world and has grown rapidly over the past few years. This makes it important to trade with a reliable and regulated forex broker like AximWealth.

SVGFSA and ASIC-Regulated brokers are a great way to protect your investment capital and avoid any unexpected losses in case the market moves against you. Moreover, these companies are required to meet certain standards and have a strong reputation in the market.

They are also known to have a friendly approach to customers and offer excellent customer support. They are a leading provider of forex services that include tight spreads, low balance requirements and a wide selection of account types.

In addition to Forex trading, Axim Wealth also provides a range of other investment services. They have a number of investment funds and portfolios that they manage, which range from consumer discretionary to healthcare.

The main investment fund’s portfolio is diversified across 12 sectors. They currently have the heaviest concentration in Consumer Discretionary.

Axim Wealth has a long-term position in the cannabis industry and has bought and sold shares of many pot stocks throughout the past year. However, it’s a volatile stock that has dropped in value since its peak.