St Catharines Snow Removal Policy and Plow Tracker

As the winter storm continues to dump snow and ice, residents are reminded that it is the responsibility of property owners and occupiers to clear the sidewalks around their homes and businesses. This ensures that the City’s plow crews can reach all areas of the community to remove snow and ice. The City’s Snow Removal Policy and Plow Tracker, accessible through the online portal, offer helpful information about the City’s safe and effective snow removal process.

The City offers a Sidewalk Snow Removal Program for Seniors and People with Disability that provides assistance to individuals who aren’t capable of clearing the snow and ice on City sidewalks fronting or abutting their home. This service is offered free of charge and is administered through the Wayside House of St. Catharines through a contract agreement with the City. To be eligible, an individual must submit a statement from their family doctor that confirms their restrictions.

In addition, the City encourages residents to check out our interactive plow tracker, which is available on the Town’s online portal through Telus FOCUS Optimization. This tool allows you to see in real-time where plows have been in your neighbourhood. It also includes a map and description of our three priority snow removal routes: main roads, designated secondary roads and through roads.

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara Region, St. Catharines is a vibrant city of rich heritage, culture and natural beauty with beautiful parks, colourful gardens and hiking trails. It is also the gateway to the famous Niagara Falls and just 19 kilometers from the Canada-U.S. border. The City is a safe and healthy place to live, work and play.