Inverter Generator Hire

Whether you need to power sensitive electronics at home or equipment for a big event, inverter generator hire is a convenient option. These generators have advanced electronic circuitry that adjusts engine speed to match electrical demand, meaning less noise and better fuel efficiency.

Inverter generators have a different technology than traditional generators, with the alternator producing direct current (DC) power which is then inverted by a microprocessor to produce clean AC power. This means they are ideal for running laptops, tablets and other sensitive devices as they provide the same type of electricity that’s supplied from the mains. They also generate much lower levels of noise – typically, 51 decibels at quarter load, which is similar to the volume of an average conversation – making them perfect for use in residential areas and during camping trips.

The inverter generator hire near me range includes units that are built to be lightweight and portable, so they’re easy to transport to sites where you need them. They’re often used to provide back-up power during power outages, or as a temporary source of electricity for construction and site-based businesses. They can be hired by the day, week or longer, depending on your power needs. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, from small portable inverter generators to bigger stationary diesel generators.

Choosing the right size is important, as the amount of power you need will determine the wattage that’s required. Our team are experienced in calculating the wattage requirements for any job, and can help you choose the right generator to suit your budget and power requirements.

You might also need to consider how you’ll be using the generator – for example, it may be required as a backup power supply in case of a power cut, or as portable power for camping and caravanning. Inverter generators have become increasingly popular in the UK as a means of providing portable power for homes, and are widely available for rent across the country.

Many people choose to hire inverter generators as a backup for household appliances, or for use in remote areas where the mains electricity supply isn’t reliable. They’re also frequently used by those who love to go away camping or on caravanning trips, as they are quieter and more energy efficient than standard generators.

Inverter generators are also popular with those who work from home or on location, as they can be a good source of portable power for recharging tools and equipment, or running computers and other electronics. They’re also useful on work sites, where they can be used to maintain continuity of operations during power outages, or for supplying essential equipment such as toilet blocks or catering facilities. They’re even used to power music and lighting at outdoor events. Whatever your needs, our expert team can advise on the most suitable inverter generator for you and arrange to have it delivered directly to your site by trailer, tilt tray, side loader or crane truck.